New for 2021-2022 MRF


Dear Synagogue partners,
We hope that this note finds you well and that you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with your family and, whether in-person or virtually, with your community. I am writing to remind you about some options and opportunities that we sent out earlier regarding this year’s Membership Reporting Form (MRF) submission, opportunities to get the early pay 2.5% discount. We want to encourage you to set up ACH recurring payments online. 
Membership Reporting Form (MRF): Flexible Options and Billing
This year, we gave an option to defer your MRF submission until October 30th. If you chose not to submit an MRF over the summer, we are continuing to invoice you based on last year’s MRF and will adjust your dues if needed when we receive this year’s MRF. Click here for this year’s MRF.

If you already sent the MRF form, please disregard this note and thank you.

Click here for this year’s MRF
Updated Dues Discount Policy
Please enjoy our 2.5% early payment discount for synagogues whose full dues, (as calculated from the MRF,) are received no later December 31, 2021. In addition to a completed MRF, submission of the synagogue Mailing List is required. Click here for the Mailing List Template. Please note that this option does not apply to synagogues that already received dues reduction.
Click here for the mailing list template
For those paying monthly, we have also expanded our ability for synagogues to pay online, set up ACH or other recurring dues payments. Synagogues looking for some dues assistance, we have the forms available, please contact your synagogue consultant.

Questions about online payments, dues, or the MRF can be directed to  Barry Mael ([email protected]) or Roumi Kovachev ([email protected]).

Thank you again for your continued support and USCJ membership.

Stay healthy and safe,

Haran Rashes USCJ Dues Committee Chair

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