Young Adults

For years, USCJ has focused on engaging synagogue leaders and teens. But many people today, especially adults in their 20’s and 30’s, don’t affiliate with synagogues. Newer generations of adults deserve opportunities to find meaning and relevance from Jewish community, wisdom, and tradition. We need to meet their evolving needs and interests in ways that work for them as individuals with unique life journeys.

To meet that need, USCJ’s Department of Engagement is piloting several projects that aim to connect emerging adults (i.e. first few years after high school) to Jewish experiences, resources, and relationships that can be valuable for them during this stage of life. 

Here you will find a current list of our pilot programs.


Offering Recent High School Graduates Ongoing Connection to Jewish Community

For recent high school graduates from the last few years (2018-2022)...

Are you venturing to college, joining the military, taking a gap year, building your career or something in between? What doors can we open for you? Take part in this brief survey so we can help you connect with your nearest Jewish community and other valuable resources or opportunities. Submit your Open Doors survey here; it takes less than 5 minutes and you are eligible to receive one of ten $150 cash gift cards! 


Connecting late teens/early 20s to rabbinical students to create Jewish community and experiences together

Are you in your late teens/early 20's and staying in Washington DC, NoVa or Maryland suburbs this summer, 2022? Reach out to Lilli Shvartsmann and Lindsay Goldman, two JTS rabbinical students who are helping create personally meaningful (and fun!) experiences for those who are interning, studying or working in the Greater Washington Area this summer. Enjoy a coffee conversation, celebrate a lively Shabbat, explore meaningful discussions in havruta/pairs or small groups, take action through social justice efforts, and so much more. 

If you or someone you know is interested in connecting with our Summer in the City rabbinical students, let us know how to get in touch!