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The biennial USCJ Convention is the largest gathering of Conservative Jews in North America, uniting hundreds of rabbis, executive directors, presidents, educators, young adults and others to tackle the biggest questions facing modern congregations.

This five-day program celebrates a Judaism that’s truly dynamic and authentic. It begins with a powerful Shabbat experience featuring music, performance and prayer, followed by three days of workshops, panels and educational sessions, covering topics vital to Conservative Jewish communities.

See ideas and resources from the 2017 convention in Atlanta, GA and highlights of the 2015 convention in Schaumburg, Illinois, 

December 6-December 10, 2019 8 Kislev, 5780-12 Kislev, 5780

USCJ Convention 2019

Large Congregation Conference

USCJ’s Large Congregation Conference, sponsored by the Tuttleman Family Foundation, brings together leadership of our largest kehillot to discuss current events and issues specifically relevant to synagogues of this size. The three-day event is open to kehillot with membership of 750 or more.

Attendees network with North American peers, sharing ideas and perspectives on topics such as program development and congregational membership and engagement. Additional issues are covered in share groups, as those with specific interests work together to address challenges their kehillot face and then brainstorm solutions. Peer coaching also takes place, helping attendees learn from the wisdom of those with similar-sized congregations.

The next Large Congregation Conference is planned for February 2019 at a to-be-determined kehilla.

Other Events

May 24, 2018 10 Sivan, 57781:00 PM

Learn About USCJ's Middle School Transition Units

May 30, 2018 16 Sivan, 57781:00 PM

Reimagining Israel Education

June 7-June 10, 2018 24 Sivan, 5778-27 Sivan, 5778

Sulam for Presidents

July 23-July 26, 2018 11 Av, 5778-14 Av, 5778

New Directors' Institute

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