Sulam for Leaders: Off to a Great Start


USCJ presents Sulam* for Leaders: Off to a Great Start, for Presidents, Presidents Elect, Executive Vice Presidents and Executive Committee members. Join us, as we begin to map out a plan for your leadership year. In these virtual workshops, we will explore how to create a shared vision for your leadership team, explore available USCJ tools and resources, and create board-improvement goals. We are offering multiple webinars, choose the one for your area, registrations are linked below.

* The word Sulam, meaning ‘ladder,‘ stems from the biblical story of Jacob’s ladder. It connotes the step-by-step progress that students achieve when given the opportunity and support to reach their goals. 

6/6 at 6 PM CT/7 PM ET Southeast Seaboard District – Led by Jo-Anne Tucker-Zemlak

6/7 at 7 PM ET Mid-Atlantic District – Led by Linda Sussman

6/8 at 7 PM ET Northeast District – Led by Miriam Abrams-Stark

6/12 at 7 PM ET METNY District – Led by Linda Sussman

6/21 at 6:30 PM PT/7:30 PM MT/8:30 PM CT PSWR and NPR Districts – Led by Rachel Sisk

6/26 at 7 PM CT/8 PM ET Central District – Led by Mindy Gordon

What are you waiting for? Let’s Get Your Year Off to a Great Start!

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