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Sulam for Current Leaders

Promoting Leadership Team Development & Growth

Sulam for Current Leaders (SCL) is a leadership-development program that strengthens the collective performance of your officers, board members, and committees. The result: a shared purpose, energy, and goals to create a sustainable congregation.

Two Opportunities to Learn

Action Community

News: SCL Now in a New and Improved Time Frame and Process! Over the last 4 years we have had 40+ synagogues and hundreds of lay leaders participate in SCL Action Community. In our 5th year, we are providing more options to learn that is customized to fit the needs of the busy leaders in your communities.

Four Core Learning Sessions

  • The Leadership Plan – Vision as Purpose
  • The Delegation Plan – Building an Effective Board
  • The Accountability Plan – Executing the Plan
  • The Teamwork Growth Plan - Passing the Baton

A USCJ transformation specialist will be on site and work remotely with your board and leadership development team. Over a 6-8 month time frame, you’ll have the support and materials necessary to allow for transformational change, board innovation and growth.

Learning Community

Your Synagogue Consultant leads one-time workshops in specific areas of leadership development to help you take your board practices to the next level of success. Workshop topics include:

  • The Leadership Plan - Vision as Purpose
  • The Delegation Plan – Building an Effective Board
  • The Volunteer Development Plan - Recruiting and Strengthening Volunteers

For more information contact your Synagogue Consultant.

Our Board is currently undergoing the Sulam for Current Leaders program and it has been incredibly helpful. I would encourage others to participate in this year long process. It has taught me how to make our board function better, outline expectations for board members and officers, and develop leadership within our board structure.


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