Thriving Congregations Framework

What is the “secret sauce” that enables your congregation to thrive?

Synagogues are complex and exceedingly diverse. There is no single recipe for success. There are, however, specific ingredients usually present when a thriving synagogue is at work.

USCJ has identified 22 attributes that contribute to the success of a congregation. With that knowledge, we created the Thriving Congregations Assessment and Review, a tool that allows synagogue leaders to meaningfully engage in the questions of what defines a “successful” synagogue and identify areas in which their congregation is thriving and areas in which they are not. Specifically, our framework will allow you to:

  • Create a shared vocabulary of vitality, health, and success
  • Recognize areas where you are thriving and explore what is driving growth
  • Identify areas where you feel stuck and explore what is getting in the way
  • Consider unexplored areas where you could potentially thrive
  • Find ways for your leaders to focus on their strengths and build on them
  • Create processes that will help increase the capacity of your leaders to manage change

We encourage you to take the assessment, share it with your executive committee and board, and take time to meaningfully reflect on the results.

For more information contact your Synagogue Consultant.


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