Mergers and Collaborations

Many synagogues may find themselves with the need to take bolder steps to improve financial sustainability and synagogue vibrancy.

With issues of generating necessary revenues, costs of maintaining aging buildings, changing demographics and shrinking participation and volunteer bases; these challenges may cause synagogue leaders  to consider mergers/consolidations, sharing space with other synagogues or identifying opportunities for collaboration.  Sometimes it is a joining of equals: two or more congregations facing similar issues of demographics and location choose to join to create a single, more viable institution. Sometimes complementary congregations, with different strengths and challenges, try to create a single, better rounded community. Sometimes a congregation that is weaker, perhaps because of its population, physical plant, or staff, considers joining forces with a stronger congregation.  Often a sunset congregation looks to a merger to assure that it will not be forgotten.

There are many reasons why congregations would consider the option to merge or consolidate or collaborate. We are now seeing examples of congregations across movements, as well as JCC’s, share buildings and campuses to take advantage of economies of scale.

Whatever the reason might be, it is a challenge for congregations.  This webpage has been developed to provide valuable resources on collaboration, partnerships, space sharing, consolidation and mergers.  We hope these materials will be helpful as a starting point on your exploration of different options. Please reach out to your Synagogue Consultant for further assistance.


Collaborations and Mergers Conference: Webinar | Slides