Sulam for Emerging Leaders

Looking to harness the leadership potential of the next generation of leaders? Sulam for Emerging Leaders (SEL) does just that.

This seven-part curriculum helps prospective leaders transition from the sidelines to the center of congregational life.

Aimed generally at individuals age 35-45 who have shown leadership promise, SEL energizes them to become more deeply engaged with your community in the short term and to consider leadership positions in the future.

USCJ trains your rabbi and a volunteer facilitator to both lead SEL and to customize the program for the specific needs of your synagogue.

SEL engages participants through text study, journaling, and facilitated conversations, connecting participants’ own personal stories to those of their peers and to the larger narrative of the Jewish people.

For more information contact your Synagogue Consultant.

Sulam (for Emerging Leaders) has changed me as a person. It has brought me closer to working with the president; we learn together and really network. It brought me a different kind of relationship with each individual, with new congregants. I see how holy relationships can become. I didn’t know it would bring a group so close together. I wasn’t expecting it to turn people on. I didn’t know it would have that much magic; it just happened.


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