Does Your Synagogue Want To Create a Virtual Camp?


After a number of synagogues expressed a need to know the ins and outs of setting up a virtual camp program, USCJ and USY convened “Looking to Run a Virtual Camp This Summer?” on June 3rd. The online discussion, which drew interest from more than 200, featured USCJ and USY staff as discussion moderators. As Julie Marder, Director, Teen Engagement noted, “Although we are not the experts in what a virtual camp needs to look like, we are taking our experience with the work we have done with congregations and our experience in virtual programming over the last 3 months to bring everyone together to have the conversation about what this can look like.”

For those who missed the 6/3 webinar, here is a link to a Google folder which contains the recording, notes, and the beginning of lists of program ideas.

USCJ/USY is collecting virtual camp program ideas. If you have platforms, programs, websites, resources, to share, please send it to [email protected]. It will be uploaded to the Google folder noted above so other USCJ affiliated synagogues have access.

Upcoming Virtual Camp webinars are scheduled for June 10th and June 17th at 3:30pm EDT (US and Canada). Register here.

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