Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem

The Conservative Yeshiva (CY) is a Jerusalem-based hub of intellectual and spiritual activity where learners engage classical Jewish texts, pursue questions both timeless and timely, and develop the skills and habits that make life meaningful.

Founded in 1995 to meet the need for serious co-educational and non-dogmatic Jewish study, it’s since established a reputation as a valued partner of Conservative congregations and all those seeking an authentic, dynamic Judaism inspired by sophisticated, meaningful, empowered Torah learning.

Unlike traditional yeshivot, the doors of the CY’s beit midrash (house of study) are open to students of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. It welcomes the full scope of human experiences and the questions its students pose, relying on both modern scholarship and ancient wisdom in the shared pursuit of answers.

Studying at the yeshiva has made me realize that it’s possible to live an observant Jewish life without sacrificing egalitarianism and liberal values. I would recommend the CY to others who are looking for a modern institution where they can challenge their ideas about Judaism with students from around the world.

Emily Volz
Conservative Yeshiva student, USA, 2016

A Truly Global Community

Students from North America, South America, Europe, and Africa join together here to live and study in the heart of Jerusalem. This makes Israel a central feature of their Jewish consciousness. They walk the pathways of ancestors, absorb the spiritual energy that emanates from Jerusalem and wrestle with the issues that most challenge the Jewish people today.

The CY summer program has strengthened my Jewish identity and broadened my knowledge and understanding of Judaism and Halacha. I feel profoundly moved by the people I’ve met and the journeys that they’re on.

Sofia Zway
Conservative Yeshiva student, South Africa, 2016


Subscribers to Torah Sparks and Haftorah commenetary


Hours of live online classes offered, connecting yeshiva faculty with groups of learners in congregations around North America


Subscribers to Daf Shevui learning one page of Talmud per week


of all Conservative rabbis have been students of the Conservative Yeshiva

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