Lindsey Seeskin

Vice President

Lindsey Seeskin is a personal injury and wrongful death attorney whose personal values of integrity, universal respect and compassion inform every professional decision she makes for her clients and her practice. She founded her own law firm, Seeskin Law LLC, to establish a values- driven practice that offers all clients a rigorous, ethical brand of representation infused with deep and generous compassion, helps anyone who can benefit from working with a personal injury attorney and ensures everyone who calls is better off than they were before.

Lindsey lives in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago with her husband Zach, son Ari and daughter Naomi. She is a member of Anshe Emet Synagogue and currently serves as a Vice President of the synagogue’s Board of Trustees. Lindsey is also a dedicated member of the Young Families community, an attendee of the lay led Rose Crown Minyan and a prior chair of the Young Adult Division’s Executive Board.

Within USCJ, Lindsey serves as an Officer, currently in the role of Secretary, and she is a member of various USCJ board committees. Her involvement with USCJ dates to her USY days.

Lindsey’s term concludes in December 2024.


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