USYers Reflect on March For Our Lives


Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel — who marched alongside Dr. King in Selma — declared: “A Jew is asked to take a leap of action rather than a leap of faith.” That is exactly what nearly 1,000 USYers (and 90 Nativers) did on March 23 and 24 when they made their voices heard for what they believe in by participating in March for Our Lives.

Here is what several of the teens had to say about marching with USY:

“From spending the weekend with USY, I learned that it’s important to think of my Jewish values whenever I decide to take some sort of action; it’s like a Jewish morality check. I also learned that everyone is stronger when they team up with their peers, and that’s what traveling with USY allowed me to do.” (Michael Pincus, Florida).

“USY is the community that connected me so closely to the Parkland shooting. Being able to embody the Jewish values I hold so closely to and [that] guide my everyday life while participating in the global movement helped my two worlds collide in an unexpected yet incredible way.” (Libby Fern, Minnesota).

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USYers weren’t the only ones who took a leap of action.  Thanks to our amazing community, we raised $120,000 from 600 donors to support our USYers in their efforts.  Thank you to everyone who donated!

Want to continue the conversation in your community?  Download USY educational resources to explore the subject of gun violence through a Jewish lens.

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