USCJ Launches Innovation Lab


To ensure that our vision for an authentic and dynamic Judaism thrives, USCJ is working to create an Innovation Lab that will seed, incubate, capture and disseminate new approaches to shape the next generation of the Jewish experience.

Among our partners will be Rabbi Gil Steinlauf, who announced yesterday that he is moving on from his current position as senior rabbi at Adas Israel in Washington, DC.  Rabbi Steinlauf is one of the most influential rabbis in North America, widely respected for re-envisioning the historic synagogue, infusing it with meaning, connection and wholeness through contemporary prayer and spirituality, learning and a caring community.

As one of the best and brightest minds in Conservative Judaism, Rabbi Steinlauf will collaborate with USCJ to dream, develop and diffuse ideas, through the power of our network, to help all kehillot that share our vision of an authentic and dynamic Judaism evolve and grow.

We are still in the beginning stages of this undertaking and look forward to updating you as it progresses.

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