Rabbi Wernick Represents Conservative/Masorti Movement in Israel


Whether promoting religious pluralism in Israel at the Kotel (Western Wall) or meeting with U.S. or Canadian leaders on political issues, USCJ acts as a respected and trusted representative of today’s Conservative Judaism. Last week, CEO Rabbi Wernick did just that, traveling to Israel for meetings with the Jewish Agency, the World Zionist Organization and others. While there, he also visited USCJ’s Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center, alive with learning, living and laughter in multiple languages, and spent Shabbat with USYers traveling for the summer.

In his role as a member of board of governors and on the nominating committee of the Jewish Agency, he represented Mercaz Olami (the international Zionist party of the Conservative Movement) in the selection of MK Isaac Herzog as the next chair. In an email to staff and board, Rabbi Wernick noted, “MK Herzog is extremely qualified for the position and will do well in bringing the Diaspora and Israeli communities closer together, support Zionist and Jewish identity formation worldwide and Aliyah.

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