Leadership Connections #2: October 22, 2020

Welcome to Leadership Connections, a new twice monthly publication for synagogue leaders and clergy from USCJ.

The New Normal

Resources for synagogue leaders in the time of Covid

Featured Article:

Why Synagogue Collaboration Matters Now More Than Ever
Collaborative work in METNY can be a model for synagogues in the rest of the country, as it is a building block for greater synagogue and Jewish communal vibrancy.

Additional Resources:

Leadership Content

Thought leadership, event information, and news for synagogue leaders

Featured Article:

As Far As I’m Concerned, the Problem of Racism Lies With Me
Rabbi Joshua Rabin had wanted for some time to write a piece on racism and white privilege. And yet he says he struggled for months to write a piece he felt comfortable with because of one roadblock: his own racism.

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Thanks for participating in our first one-question survey!

Here’s what we found:

When asked what subjects participants wanted to receive education/ resources on in the coming months, we found that overwhelmingly, our readers want to learn more about how they can engage with synagogue members following the push of the High Holidays. Secondarily, readers were interested in learning about how to handle dues structures and collections in a world where the pandemic has disrupted all our normal models.

We so appreciate you all taking the time to take our one-question survey and we will tailor future content to address those needs!

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