Community Prayers for Israel

We stand with Israel. We are holding the memories of so many who were murdered in the Shmini Atzeret war.  We are holding their families in our hearts.  We are praying for healing for the thousands who are injured, and for wisdom and strength for those who are caring for them.  We stand in solidarity with those who have been kidnapped and their families, and pray for their redemption.  And we offer courage and strength for all who are in shelters seeking safety.  And our prayers are with the brave defenders in the IDF, Israel’s security forces, and first responders.

Please submit your prayer requests here. Please find prayers from our community here.

Michael Mevorach
Shai Rakovitzky
Dylan and Adam Zerah
Eran Zerah
Corey Barshop Zerah
Hersh Goldberg Polin
Shir bat Ayelet
Omer Neutra
ODed and Haggay Calic
Ditza Heiman
Ido and Itai Ya’ari
Gideon L. Rone.
Vivian Silver
Randy Goldenberg
Natan Reuven Feldstein
Yehiel Hilik Stern
Marom and Marianasky
Shlomo Klein
Tamar Suchman
David Shalev
Adam Kadouri
Elad Waizman
Itay Chen
Joseph Fields
Dovid Aryeh ben Rachel Yehudit
Noam Hillel ben Vered
Naftali Tzvi Cohen
Nicole bat Gina
Alon ben Yael
Yechiela Heine
Yoske Heine
Eli ben Yael
Shani bat Yechiela
Noy bat Yeichiela
Noah ben Renasha
Binyamin ben Yechiela
Yael Heine
Rachel Yona
Lax Family
Mimi Heine
Ran Bassa