Microgrants are available to clergy who want to hold a meaningful YALA event way outside the walls of a synagogue.


Microgrants up to $400 are available for Conservative Movement clergy who host a meaningful Jewish¬† “meetup” experience for are young adults who are in their 20s & 30s. These meetups are intended to give Jewish young adults, who may or may not be affiliated with a synagogue, a chance to get to know a nearby clergy member in a more personal setting. Meetups can consist of a small group, with a minimum of about 10 people. These meetups should be “beyond the walls” of the synagogue, and should include an impactful Jewish experience (i.e. Shabbat Dinner, Havdalah and Hang, meal with a Jewish discussion topic, holiday experience, etc). We hope these Beyond the Wall Meetups will provide our young adults with the fun and relevant Jewish experiences that they are seeking, while having the chance to get to know their local clergy, and hopefully jump starting significant relationships. Microgrants are available for a total 15-20 one-time meetups.