Statement on the Passing of Former Israel Prime Minister and President Shimon Peres


Once asked what he considered his greatest accomplishment, Israel’s former Prime Minister and President Shimon Peres replied, “What I am going to do tomorrow.” A consummate dreamer, Peres inspired and challenged people everywhere with his tireless efforts to build peaceful ties between Israeli and Palestinian citizens in the Middle East.

Through his work building the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and negotiating peace for Israel, most notably in the Oslo Peace Accords, Peres both helped defend and sustain life for Israel’s citizens. His accomplishments helped to make a home for the Jewish people in Israel.

Though we live in the diaspora, North American Conservative Jews have always felt strong bonds to Israel both politically and religiously as Zionists. It is due in large part to Peres’s efforts that for more than 60 years The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism has been able to send tens of thousands of teens, adults, and families to Israel to study, travel, and build spiritual connections.

Though we grieve his passing, we take this to time to remember the lessons he taught us. Just as Peres always looked to the future, we the Jewish people now look to Israel’s future and vow to continue his work to make Israel a safe and peaceful home for this and future generations of Jews, Muslims, Christians and all her citizens.

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