Spotlight On: Exploring Judaism

Share is a new home for the Torah of Conservative Judaism, our path to interpreting and embracing the beauty and complexity of Judaism and our personal search for meaning and learning. This website is a space where people like you can share wisdom and reflection in addition to insight on practical living — all through the lens of a Conservative Jewish worldview.

This website offers valuable content for synagogue members and others who are connected to and curious about Conservative Judaism. The site is curated to offer relevant and compelling pieces geared for real people in their real lives. Some of your community members may even be excited about pitching an article!

You can share articles on Shabbat, the Omer, or Shavuot. You can also get the inside scoop on new content on by signing up here.

We are counting on you to help your members learn about the site so they can enjoy the content, find resources, and connect with others.  We have provided sample language and links HERE to promote the site. Below are a few ways to ensure your community can take full advantage of the site’s content:

1. Link to your synagogue’s website as a resource.

2. Feature a different article in your weekly emails.

3. Follow’s social media accounts and share posts directly from your synagogue’s social media that are relevant to your community.

a.       Facebook

b.       Twitter

c.       Instagram

4. Invite members to pitch an idea for an article on the website.

USCJ is proud to pilot this website, and the Rabbinical Assembly (RA) is collaborating on this project with the shared goal of lifting up a wide range of voices representing the diversity of perspectives and practices. recognizes that Conservative Judaism is filled with a wide-range of experiences and ideas. There is beauty and complexity in the diversity, and we live at the intersection of many worlds.

This website is in beta version to meet the goal of sharing a Conservative Jewish lens on Torah in a meaningful and sustainable way. Visit the site regularly, share it with friends and family, and offer feedback on the site so it evolves based on our community’s interests.

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