Jewish Values and Experiences Inspire Josh Warshawsky’s Music and More

Jewish Values and Experiences Inspire Josh Warshawsky’s Music and More

February 11, 2020

In the February issue of Journeys, USCJ’s monthly digital magazine, timely articles illuminate the meaning of an authentic Jewish journey, both spiritual and person. Following are highlights:

Jewish Values and Experiences Inspire Josh Warshawsky’s Music

Listening to the words of Rabbi Warshawsky’s music, from Hameirah to Emet, it’s clear the impact Jewish values and experiences have had on the 29-year-old’s life. His time spent in his local USY chapter at Moriah Congregation in Deerfield, Illinois, where he was involved at both the regional and international levels, was a key catalyst to his growth as a Jew and musician.

Questions Energize Our Pursuit of Truth

Does God write books? Could Moses have been God’s secretary? These are the kinds of questions that place our faith at odds with what we perceive to be the truth. And for us contemporary Jews who want to believe, but who want to believe without a suspension or worse yet, an offense of our rational selves, it’s problematic.

Love At First Click

One year after getting engaged on Rosh Hashanah, Richard and Sara Brener celebrated their love with family and friends when they wed in Rosemont, Illinois, this past September. And while much of their Jewish wedding was traditional, the way the couple met wasn’t so much.

It Takes a Community to Protect the Planet

In 2020, as millions of acres in Australia have burned (and are still burning) due in large part to rising levels of CO2 and as ecosystems and species worldwide face severe danger because of deforestation, climate change and more, many in the Jewish community are doing their part to protect the planet for generations to come.

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