​20/20 Judaism Biennial Convention to Address 10 Ideas for the Jewish Future, Embracing Interfaith Families, and the 21st Century Synagogue

December 3, 2019

December 3, 2019 (New York, NY) — Issues affecting the Conservative Jewish movement will be the focus of 20/20 Judaism — a collaborative convention of the USCJ (United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism) and the Rabbinical Assembly. Held from December 6th-10th at the Westin Boston Waterfront, the five day event will bring together 1,000 representatives from more than 220 North American synagogues and 140 speakers – ranging from thought leaders to musical talent – and 100-plus thought-provoking sessions from within and outside of the Conservative movement.

“This is a time of tremendous and rapid change, and we need to harness our collective wisdom and strength as we enter a new decade,” said Ned Gladstein, USCJ International President. “USCJ encourages everyone to “Seek Meaning Together,” and so we are partnering with the Rabbinical Assembly to examine our shared challenges and address the myriad ways that our communities approach the Jewish family, Israel, spirituality, hatred and systemic injustice, and to have the tough but necessary conversations as a true network.”

Rabbi Debra Newman Kamin, President of the Rabbinical Assembly, added,“What excites me about the 20/20 Judaism gathering is our growing partnership with USCJ. The opportunity to bring leaders from various parts of the Conservative movement together under one roof to share spiritual experiences and a robust program that strengthens Jewish life across North America is inspiring. Together, we can do great things!”

Convention session topics will include:

  • 10 Ideas for the Jewish Future
  • What Does It Mean To Be A Movement?
  • Embracing Interfaith Families: Current Realities and Opportunities
  • Gender, Power, and Leadership: Expanding ‘Voice’ in Our Synagogues
  • Our Humanity Is At Stake — What Can (Conservative) Jewish Education Do About It?
  • Utilizing a Security Audit and Response Matrix in Your Congregation
  • The Prophetic Voice of Conservative Synagogues
  • How to Engage the Next Generation to Israel

For a complete list of speakers, sessions and related events, visit the 20/20 Judaism website at 2020judaism.org.

About USCJ

Founded in 1913, USCJ is the network of nearly 600 Conservative Jewish communities across North America. We represent the values and beliefs of an authentic and dynamic Judaism in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Israel. Our work strengthens kehillot (Jewish communities inside and outside the walls of a synagogue) by providing visionary leadership training, creating opportunities for Jews of all ages to learn and grow, sharing essential resources, and seeding innovative ideas. Learn more at www.uscj.org.

About the Rabbinical Assembly

The Rabbinical Assembly is the international association of Conservative rabbis. Since its founding in 1901, the Assembly has been the creative force shaping the ideology, programs, and practices of the Conservative movement, and is committed to building and strengthening the totality of Jewish life. The Assembly publishes learned texts, prayer books, and works of Jewish interest; and it administers the work of the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards for the Conservative movement. It also serves the professional and personal needs of its membership through publications, conferences, and benefit programs, and it coordinates the Joint Placement Commission of the Conservative movement. Rabbis of the Assembly serve congregations throughout the world, and also work as educators, officers of communal service organizations, and college, hospital, and military chaplains.

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