Interfaith Inclusion

USCJ is committed to helping twenty-first century synagogues engage twenty-first century families, welcoming them as they are and inspiring them to join in the spiritual vision for the congregation.

“My House will be called a house of prayer for all people” (Isaiah 56:7).

Interfaith inclusion empowers the Jewish community and its leaders, brings new insights to enrich our communities, and changes the dialogue. This year, we are pleased to expand our work in this area to include Rimonim for Rabbis, a new cohort in partnership with the Rabbinical Assembly, new webinars on interfaith topics, and more consultations with Jewish leaders both within our congregations and outside our congregations.

Many American Jews have partners of another faith and how we respond influences their relationship with our tradition. Increasing our capacity to open hearts and broaden minds enables us to make Conservative Jewish spaces comfortable for all who wish to enter them. This transformational work will improve the lives of Jews and their loved ones, celebrate Jewish diversity, and redefine what it means to be a Jewish family. Successful interfaith inclusion goes beyond being warm and welcoming; it requires a cultural shift towards inviting those of any background, their partners and family members to participate in our communities, thereby fostering feelings of connection and belonging.

View our Interfaith Inclusion Guide Here.

For additional information and support please reach out to USCJ’s Interfaith Specialist, Dr. Keren R. McGinity at [email protected].

We celebrate the diversity among and within our synagogues and encourage the engagement of all those who seek a spiritual and communal home in an authentic and dynamic Jewish setting.

USCJ Standards for Congregational Practice, Section V - Membership


  • Interfaith Jewish Engagement: Diverse Approaches to Inclusive Communities: Webinar | Slides
  • Making Amends to Interfaith Couples & Families: Healing Hearts & Inclusion (1/19/23): Webinar | Slides
  • How a Child of Intermarriage Became a Rabbi (1/19/22): Webinar
  • December Delights (11/9/21): Webinar


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