Leadership Connections #5: December 17, 2020

Welcome to Leadership Connections, a twice monthly publication for synagogue leaders and clergy from USCJ.

The New Normal

Resources for synagogue leaders in the time of Covid

Featured Article:

Hiring & Placement During Covid

Though the pandemic has impacted so many aspects of synagogue life, the need to hire staff and clergy hasn’t stopped. Take a look at these valuable resources, webinars, and materials for a refresher on how to handle (and how other synagogues have handled) these processes while still maintaining pandemic-friendly practices.

Additional New Normal Resources:

Worried about celebrating holidays remotely? Tips from a Jewish expert

  • Jenn Director Knudsen, board member of USCJ member synagogue Neveh Shalom in Portland, OR, shares expertise on how to make any and all holidays special — all while remaining safely distanced from loved ones.

Leadership Content

Thought leadership, event information, and news for synagogue leaders

Featured Article:


I Believe In Miracles: A Hanukkah Message in a Time of Pandemic from Rabbi Jacob Blumenthal

  • When I think of leadership during this pandemic the image that comes to mind is of people “burning the candle at both ends.” Yet we’ve done more than we could have ever imagined — we have created community, adapted technology, transformed worship and education, and counseled those who are ill or in crisis. We have made our existing resources go far beyond what we could have expected, and have found new resources to meet our communities’ changing needs. Facing a growing number of challenges with limited means, we have truly worked miracles. Read more.

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This edition’s featured question:

What is your biggest fundraising hurdle?

  • Creating a clear message and goals that resonate with your constituents
  • Harnessing social media for fundraising
  • Planning effective virtual fundraising events
  • Planning effective in-person fundraising events
  • Understanding your donor data
  • Donor retention