Leadership Connections #16: June 3, 2021

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The New Normal

Resources for synagogue leaders in the time of Covid



Gap Year Students Returning Home From Israel

As we welcome the participants of Nativ 40 home, hear from four of them about their experiences of an upside-down year turned right side up. To read more about their year, click here.

Additional New Normal Content:

  • Virtually One-in-a-Minyan
    Mandi-Lou Gross shares her personal experience of being able to attend daily virtual minyans with her 5 year old son. An opportunity that would have been near impossible before the pandemic.
    Read more.

Leadership Content

Thought leadership, event information, and news for synagogue leaders

Featured Article:


USCJ’s Synagogue Staffing Survey 2021

Before June 28th please fill out USCJ’s Synagogue Staffing Survey. The information gathered when the Staffing Survey was previously conducted was useful to many congregations, so help us help you again by participating. It should only take 15 minutes.
Click here to fill out the survey.

Additional Leadership Content:

Special Events

Upcoming events from USCJ and our partners

Embracing Diversity:
Wisdom from an Interfaith, Interracial Jewish Family

Wednesday, June 9, at 2PM EST
Come learn how our intentions may be different from our impact as we hear the story of a young couple’s experiences. Register here.

Juneteenth Through The Eyes of Jews of Color:Sharing Stories and Perspectives
Thursday, June 17th at 8PM EST
Panel members share their personal stories about what Juneteenth means to each of them, and consider its relevance for all members of our community. Register here.

Talk to Us!

Thanks for participating in our latest one-question survey!

Here’s what we found:

Readers were recently asked: As we think about moving out of the pandemic, what’s something new you tried this year that you are going to continue doing?

The top three responses were:

  1. Online Hebrew one-on-one tutoring for weekly Hebrew School
  2. Online evening adult education
  3. More discussions and guest speakers on Zoom


District synagogue consultants are available to offer guidance on a variety of issues. Find your district and look up your synagogue consultant’s contact information by clicking here.