For Heaven’s Sake We Pray From Home As One


For Heaven’s Sake We Pray From Home As One

A Prayer for Patience and Restraint

We miss our sanctuary

The comfort of community

Our voices joined together in prayer,

But for heaven’s sake

We pray from home

As one

For grandmothers and grandfathers

For mothers and fathers

For aunts and uncles

For the vulnerable and the frail

For this is God’s prayer:

Be safe my children

Your touch

Your hug

Your breath

Your song

Can cost lives right now.

It’s tragic and heartbreaking,

But we will keep our sanctuaries closed for now

To stem this pandemic.

Your patience is praise

Your restraint is glory.

So reach out with your all your heart

Join soul to soul

With a mighty love

That transcends all distance.

Take it in

Waves of blessings

Hands to heaven

We pray from home

As One

And God says,


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