2020/ 5781 High Holidays

The 2020/ 5781 High Holidays will be different than any we’ve ever experienced before. But with new challenges come new opportunities. In that light, the cross movement High Holiday Task Force is offering a comprehensive and continually updated list of resources, best practices, innovations, and ideas.


  • Find guidance on synagogue finances, budgeting, and fundraising in preparation for and during the high holidays

Operations/ Technology/ Building

  • Learn about best practices related to synagogue buildings and general operations, as well as technological innovations

Programming/ Education

  • Find recommendations for how synagogues should handle high holiday programming and educational offerings during this year’s high holidays


  • Learn about innovations in high holiday ritual and spiritual offerings

Membership/ Marketing

  • Get information on how synagogues can maintain their membership and best communicate with their constituents during the pandemic


  • Find information on webinars offered by USCJ and our partners on a variety of topics related to this year’s high holidays

This page will be updated regularly with new resources and information. If you have not found what you are looking for, please check back and/ or contact your synagogue consultant for additional information.