Photo Credit: Dave Giordano

Sulam for Learning Leaders

Sulam for Learning Leaders (SLL) is for congregations seeking to develop and implement a vision of lifelong congregational learning.

Throughout this year-long professional growth program, we work with a cross-section of representatives from your kehilla to foster alignment around your vision for learning. We guide you in developing an action plan and give you the tools to achieve it, providing resources, networking, and encouragement to help you create a meaningful educational journey for students of all ages.

Learning is a pillar of the USCJ mission, and SLL is a key element of that focus. If you are seeking to build the leadership skills of your educators and improve transitions for students between the early childhood, school, teen, young adult, and adult levels within your synagogue, truly creating a comprehensive vision for lifelong learning, SLL is for you.

An initial step in joining SLL is to identify your own guiding coalition for learning, those among your congregation who will develop your vision and champion the cause. Teams are best represented when rabbis, educators, lay leaders, and members of the board and education committee all are represented in the SLL program. Activities include:

  • Gathering resources and sharing ideas through webinars, conference calls, and Listservs

  • Individual consultation with USCJ Director of Learning Enrichment Edward Frim

  • In-person session midway through the consultation period to train to become the guiding coalition team leader for the balance of the SLL process (a centrally located training location will be determined after selection of participating kehillot)

  • Creation of a learning vision statement, goal statement, and three-year action plan

  • Implementation of the first elements of the action plan

  • Communication to your kehilla and local community about actions undertaken and progress made during the SLL program

  • An evaluation process, to ensure you benefited from participation and that SLL continues to evolve and improve