Mental Wellbeing Resources


Our congregations have a heightened awareness as many grapple with their emotional health. We all face stress, anxiety and isolation in our daily lives. Between building closures, burnout, job cuts and safety concerns, the needs and concerns of our members, clergy and staff have dramatically increased.

Belonging to a sacred community promotes personal and emotional wellbeing.  How can our synagogue leadership provide support for members, clergy and staff who need us now more than ever?

USCJ created a Mental Wellbeing Assessment to enable congregational leaders to assess how they are addressing their own community’s needs.  Emotional health is still not widely talked about and many may be uncomfortable with the topic but as leaders we need to find ways to show we care and provide assistance to members, clergy and staff.  This assessment can be a first step in that journeyDownload the Mental Wellbeing Assessment here.

“Even before the pandemic, people were reporting greater levels of stress and anxiety. Now with an end hopefully in sight, more people are beginning to reflect on ways to reset and take control of their emotional wellbeing. Synagogue leadership have the opportunity and obligation to find ways to show they care and find ways to provide support. USCJ is deeply committed to providing resources on wellness and inclusion.”

Rabbi Jacob Blumenthal, CEO USCJ/RA

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