Nativ Assistant Director of Admissions

Position Purpose: To recruit and manage enrollment process for Nativ

Duties and Responsibilities

Main responsibilities include:

  • Oversees Nativ Admissions and Program Associate
  • Recruitment
    • Developing a long-term strategy for recruitment from early high school years through senior year
    • Creating network of connections in USY regions, Jewish high schools and public schools with large Jewish populations, Ramah camps and other Jewish summer camps, and synagogues and rabbis
    • Managing the Nativ website
    • Creating Nativ publicity materials
    • Utilizing Bogrei Nativ around the country to help in the recruitment process
    • Organize parlor meetings
  • Application process
    • Working with the online registration system
    • Coordinating with the Rothberg International School of Hebrew University admissions board
    • Reviewing all applications and following up on medical questions, when necessary
    • Being in constant contact with applicants and parents regarding question they may have throughout the process
    • Setting up interview schedule for Nativ Director and conduct interviews on behalf of the Nativ Director
  • Acceptance
    • Preparing acceptance packets
    • Setting up payment plans
    • Collecting admissions fees and deposits
    • Oversees distribution of Tikkun Olam scholarships for Nativ
  • Preparation for departure prior to start of Nativ year
    • Preparing materials to assist in the preparation process of the Nativ participants
    • Organizing flight lists, as well as add-on domestic flights
    • International departure and return flights to be at airport if there are problems and to meet the parents
  • Main contact for parents throughout the Nativ year
    • Responds for most concerns and questions that Nativ parents may have while their children are on the program
    • Sends out online communication to parents over the course of the year

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Comfort with basic computer skills
  • Social media
  • Organized
  • Attention to detail
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Familiarity with USY/ Ramah/ Nativ and the concept of a GAP year
  • Creative
  • Teamwork with other departments at USCJ
  • Knowledge of Hebrew preferred

Education and work Experience: BA

How to Apply

Please apply using the following link: