Director of Child and Youth Protection

Mission Critical:

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ) serves a network of 560 member congregations across North America; operates a continent-wide teen program (USY) including local synagogue affiliates, regional programs, summer travel programs in Israel and North America, and a gap year program in Israel; and seeks to expand its programs to serve additional populations not affiliated with congregations. USCJ also recently entered into a strategic alignment with the Rabbinical Assembly, a network of 1,600 member rabbis around the world.

Ensuring child safety in all programs conducted or sponsored by, or affiliated with, USCJ, wherever they occur around the world is a core organizational value and the highest priority.

The Director of Child and Youth Protection is also responsible for promoting child safety in our member congregations.

Position Purpose

The safety of children and teens in our programs and those of our network of affiliated congregations is the number one priority for USCJ and USY (the teen program for USCJ). The goals of this position include:

● Continuous review and implementation of USY’s Child Safety Program;

● Establishing and maintaining a state of the art centralized system to receive, document, and address complaints of sexual abuse, harassment and other misconduct involving minors;

● Implementation of recommendations from an independent investigation into alleged sexual abuse and other misconduct in USY;

● Promotion and facilitation of the development of child protection awareness and educational programs at our member congregations and for all employees and adult volunteers involved in events across the movement;

● Instilling a positive culture within USY and USCJ that promotes Jewish values of respect, consent, and healthy relationship building among teens;

● Be a forceful advocate for child and youth protection. Responsibilities Within USCJ/USY

● Work to ensure a culture of safety including developing educational initiatives to transform culture & staff training in child protection.

● Develop and implement recommendations expected from independent investigation.

● Establish and maintaining a state of the art centralized system to receive, document, and address complaints of sexual abuse, harassment and other misconduct involving minors;

● Develop and implement approved youth protection policies, procedures, and programs.

● Develop youth protection curricula and training sessions for USCJ/USY staff and volunteers.

● Serve as liaison with other departments in ensuring compliance with youth protection policies and procedures in all organizational programs.

● Manage the investigation and resolution of complaints and reports of youth protection policy violations, including coordinating with USCJ HR department, external investigators, and law enforcement as appropriate.

● Ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations related to youth protection.

● Maintain and audit youth program registration and background check materials as required by USY policies.

● Serve as staff person for a Child and Youth Protection Advisory Committee.

● Stay informed and knowledgeable about the latest social and scientific research developments and recommendations on addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of victims of child abuse and share this information as appropriate.

● Review all applicable internal policies and procedures annually and recommend updates as needed.

Responsibilities With USCJ/USY’s Affiliated Network of Congregations

● Work with synagogues to establish and adopt best practices for youth protection programs.

● Develop curricula and training sessions for rabbis, synagogue professionals, lay leaders and volunteers.

● Develop and implement training sessions for parents on how to speak with their children, and create awareness to avoid and report sexual abuse, harassment and other misconduct involving minors.

● Provide awareness training programs and create partnerships for educational opportunities and resources for synagogues.

Preferred Attributes for the Successful Candidate

● Graduate Degree in Social Work or Child Development

● Experience in the field of child/youth protection

● Familiarity with Jewish organizations and synagogue life

● Maturity of judgment, deep integrity, compassion, sensitivity

● Strong communication and collaboration skills

● Success in team building

● Demonstrated ability to reach out to recruit individuals and organizations into partnerships

● Ability to travel

● Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and Google Productivity products.

Salary info: $90,000 plus benefits

How to Apply

Please send all resumes to [email protected]