Database Manager

Mission Critical:

This position is critical to the mission of USCJ as its main function is to assist USCJ in meeting its philanthropic goals and directives pursuant to the road map.

Position Summary:

The USCJ Database Manager under the Development Department is an essential player on the Development team. S/he will be responsible for all back office operations in the department, including maintaining the databases of all USCJ constituents.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain an electronic and paper filing system for all department contracts, USCJ pledges and gift agreements.
  • Facilitate the payment of invoices for all department bills for direct mail, alumni relations and development purposes.
  • Liaise with caging/ cashiering companies in support of USCJ’s direct marketing program and facilitate the uploading of all data into the CRM on a weekly/ as-needed basis.
  • On a weekly basis, disseminate reports on development activities to appropriate parties.
  • Ensure data health of the database, including address changes, alumni and teen data and any other updates. Seek to create a new system for efficient data entry and clean up.
  • Facilitate gift acknowledgement process for all USCJ processed gifts.
  • Facilitate pledge reminder process for all pledges on a monthly basis.
  • Create reports that monitor the achievement of development department activities.
  • Act in partnership with other USCJ departments, including finance; produce reports as needed by senior management.
  • Work with the Senior Director of IT and/ or other designated executive(s) to manage all aspects of the FRD data.
  • Take advantage of online CRM training courses and be proactive in learning how to maximize its use.
  • Coordinate annual upload of synagogue address lists and pay particular attention to synergies and efficiency. Work with synagogues to transition receiving FULL member lists to additions and changes only.
  • Work with synagogue consultants to make sure contact data in the CRM is updated regularly.
  • Support the Regpak/ USY database.
  • Work with USY membership data.
  • Oversee the update of the CID (chapter ID document)
  • Oversee initial annual membership emails – including starter lists to all eligible chapters
  • Support chapter staff on more than first tier membership project issues
  • USY data and reporting
    • USY Comparison Reports (prepared 2x/ month)
    • Membership
    • IC (late August – December)
    • Summer – bi Weekly
    • Tikun Olam
    • USY Participant data – unique/ overnight; attended only once; new participants; how many events/ part
    • Any other reports as needed
    • USY Dashboard reports of KPIs
    • Board reports
    • Insurance information
    • Surveys (i.e. “Gen Z Now”)
    • Final USY chapter reports
    • Other duties as assigned in support of USCJ’s database development.
    • Other duties as assigned in support of USCJ’s database development.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Strong and demonstrated knowledge in CiviCRM or other databases.
  • Must have excellent organizational skills
  • Must have excellent communication skills
  • Intermediate level skills at Excel and all other Microsoft work suite products.

Education and Work Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business or related field of study
  • 2 plus years’ experience in not-for-profit development