Community Researcher: Bay Area USY Consultant

USY (United Synagogue Youth) has strong roots in the Bay Area, but uneven coverage and membership among chapters has been a challenge over the past few years. USY has the opportunity to take a deep dive into the reasons that drive or challenge regional engagement by hiring a consultant whose purpose will be to investigate and analyze the challenges and opportunities for USY in the region. This part time consultant community researcher will work with the national USY Senior Director to solicit feedback from the local communities to compile and analyze the information in a formal report. 


  1. Conduct one-on-one and group meetings with key stakeholders (Rabbis, synagogue presidents, USY members and alumni, Day School directors, B’nai mitzvot coaches, USY advisors, etc.) to identify past and current challenges, competitors, and gauge community interest and barriers to entry from key geographic centers within the Bay Area (e.g. San Francisco, Sacramento, Marin, the East Bay, South Peninsula, etc.), keeping notes of conversations and sharing overarching themes
  2. Analyze current marketing strategy and materials, and make specific suggestions to address challenges and opportunities.
  3. Develop and compile a stakeholder list based on those conversations to assess, track and record responses and contact information. Organize regular meetings of the core professional and lay volunteers to view status updates and use information from these conversations 
  4. Meet weekly with Rabbi Joshua Rabin to review progress and status updates
  5. Preparation and delivery of final assessment findings report and recommendations. The report will detail what tactics and messages are working well with specific audiences, and will also identify areas of opportunity. 

 Duration of Contract: Three Months  


This position will function as a part-time consultant contracted by USCJ. The total compensation will be $10,000 over a three month period at $100 per hour, paid each month subject to completion of the deliverables outlined above, and will take up approximately one and a half days per week.    

The community researcher will be directly supervised by Rabbi Joshua Rabin, Senior Director of USY.

How to Apply

Please submit your resume and cover letter to [email protected].