Alumni Coordinator Positions

USCJ is currently searching for alumni coordinators in the following locations: Minnesota, Toronto, San Francisco, North/ Central New Jersey, and Texas.

Alumni Coordinators will be responsible for programming and relationship building with USY and Nativ Alumni. Coordinators will cultivate and manage a local alumni planning committee of 4-8 leaders, reach out to and record engagements for 3 alumni per week, participate in team meetings, and will plan 5-7 events per year. The events will include: Shabbat Dinners, social events, 1 fundraising event in support of USY, and holiday gatherings/parties in conjunction with local partner organizations. Alumni coordinators should have strong networking, event planning, and social media skills, and should have a passion for community building. USY experience is a plus.

How to Apply

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to [email protected].