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We appreciate your support of USCJ and our programs. Please see below for information about our various funds. 


  The Conservative Yeshiva General Fund

The Conservative Yeshiva offers Jews of all backgrounds the skills for studying Jewish texts in a supportive Jewish community. A vibrant, open-minded, fully egalitarian community of committed Jews who learn, practice, and grow together, the Conservative Yeshiva has grown ten-fold since its founding in 1995.

  Haftarah Commentary of the Conservative Yeshiva
For more than a decade, Rabbi Mordechai Silverstein's haftarah commentary has succeeded in culling the Midrashim and other rabbinic teachings of our tradition to add insight to the beautiful words of Haftarot designated for our synagogue services. Help us continue this opportunity for learning. 
  Mishnah Yomit Study Program
Mishnah Yomit helps us all keep the mitzvah of Torah Lishmah, study for the sake of learning. Your support ensures the continuation of learning for all students, in Jerusalem and around the world, 365 days a year.
  Rabbi Jim Lebeau Conservative Yeshiva Scholarship Fund
Honor Rabbi Jim Lebeau, who directed USCJ's Israel programs for 40 years, by helping young people study at the Conservative Yeshiva. Help the study of Torah and honor Rabbi Jim Lebeau with a generous contribution.



  Disaster Relief Fund
Our disaster relief funds help the victims of, and Jewish communities directly affected by, natural disasters.


Fuchsberg Center Capital Campaign
Funds raised in this capital campaign help maintain and improve the facilities that allow Jews from all over the world to enjoy the Jerusalem/Israel Experience.
Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center Programs Fund
Jews from all over the world visit for study, guidance, fellowship, hospitality and to be exposed to the Jerusalem/Israel experience; help us maintain the programs of the Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center.
  Schechter Day School Network
The Schechter Day School Network is the Jewish day school system of the Conservative movement. Reaching out in partnership to family and community, they hand in hand prepare leaders of a new generation of knowledgeable, committed Jews and responsible citizens.


  Sulam for Current Leaders
Sulam for Current Leaders supports purposeful, energized and sustainable kehillot. SCL provides new ideas, approaches and practices to reach a higher level of leadership, fulfillment and engagement.
  Sulam for Emerging Leaders
Sulam for Emerging Leaders is United Synagogue’s new leadership engagement initiative to develop “emerging” leaders in kehillot throughout North America.
  Sulam for Presidents
Sulam for Presidents is a leadership training seminar for newly elected synagogue presidents and vice presidents likely to become president in the next two years.
  Sulam for Strategic Planners
Sulam for Strategic Planners guides kehilla leaders through the process of creating a mission and vision for the future, assessing the wants and needs of their community, and developing strategies that best utilize their capacities.
  Sulam General Fund
Sulam has become the label for an integrated set of leadership development resources, which include programs for emerging leaders, current leaders, officers with portfolios (such as membership, fundraising, etc.), as well as new presidents. 


  USCJ Annual Fund



  Jackie Shuman Israel Scholarship Fund
Funds raised go directly to help send CHUSY USYers on a USY Israel Pilgrimage trip or NATIV. 
  Lisa Alter Krule Scholarship Fund
Funds raised go directly to help CHUSY USYers and Kadimaniks attend regional programs throughout the year.
  Michael Hoffman Scholarship Fund
Help send CHUSY USYers and Kadimaniks to Camp CHUSY, a 1-week summer camp experience held each August.
Nativ is a challenging academic year program dedicated to creating and inspiring the Conservative Jewish leaders of tomorrow. 
  USY Alumni Scholarship Fund
The USY Alumni Association strives to connect USY alumni worldwide in order to provide support for the future vitality of USY and its programs. This fund supports USYers' participation in Nativ, USY Israel Pilgrimage, and USY on Wheels.

  USY Annual Fund
United Synagogue Youth and Kadima inspire Jewish youth to explore, celebrate and practice ethical values, Jewish living, Zionism and community responsibility based on the ideology of the Conservative Movement.
USY Hazak Scholarship Fund
Hazak, USCJ's organization for those 55+, helps provide scholarship funds for USYers to participate in Israel programming.
  USY Israel Pilgrimage
A complete introduction to the land of Israel, USY Israel Pilgrimage exposes teens to the history and contemporary realities of Judaism and Israel.
  USY on Wheels
Each summer, USYers travel coast to coast and experience North America, from sunrise on the rim of the Grand Canyon to pizza and blues in Chicago.

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