USCJ Web Development Guidelines

The USCJ Information Technology Committee oversees and facilitates the organization and distribution of information about USCJ and its affiliates on the Internet, and develops Web guidelines and policies. The USCJ Department of Information Technology and the regional computer committees administer accounts and provide technical support and advice. For more information, please contact Martin S. Kunoff, Director, USCJ Department of Information Technology.

The committee has developed the following guidelines to assist webmasters in preparing their organization's websites. If you have questions about the guidelines, contact the USCJ Department of Information Technology or the regional computer committee chair as appropriate.

General Requirements

  1. All materials included on the website must comply with U.S. copyright law and relevant licensing agreements.
  2. All materials included on the web pages must be in accordance with USCJ policies and standards. All links to other web pages must be appropriate for an USCJ affiliated organization. An example of an inappropriate link would be one to a "Messianic Jewish" (also known as "Hebrew Christian") organization's website. See also the USCJ Policy on Advertising and Commercial Web Links.
  3. The website must be approved by the synagogue president, school principal, chair of the school board, or appropriate officer or representative of other organizations. Authorization in writing or via email should be sent to the USCJ Department of Information Technology or the regional computer committee chairperson.
  4. All information in the web pages, including links to outside resources, should be current and valid. Each webmaster is required to maintain his or her own files and update, remove, or correct outdated materials.
  5. Copyright of the website will reside with the affiliated organization, not the individual webmaster. A statement of copyright with the year and name of the organization should be included on at least the home page. Original artwork or text, and items covered by a license agreement, may be copyrighted separately.
  6. The home page of each organization should include an acknowledgment of affiliation with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and a logo link to the USCJ website. If the synagogue is hosted on the system, their home page should also include the following: This site is hosted by the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.
  7. Webmasters will be held accountable for all materials within their directories. Failure to abide by the guidelines may result in removal of unauthorized documents.

USCJ reserves the right to restrict access at any time for administrative reasons or if necessary for system maintenance.


  1. Before beginning work on a home page, become familiar with the USCJ web site, the Internet and World Wide Web, and HTML.
  2. Use standard HTML. Make information accessible to as many users as reasonably possible by accomodating multiple browsers and versions. The WWW3 consortium maintains a page devoted to HTML standards.
  3. Be efficient! Avoid unnecessary duplication and excessively large files. Consider dividing up large documents into separate linked pages to reduce the time it takes for the pages to load.
  4. Use images, video, and sound clips in moderation. Use the alt=" " tag on images for visitors who have older browsers or don't want to load the graphics.
  5. Lay out text and graphics so that the page is attractive as well as informative. Keep in mind the size of the viewing area, particularly when creating images. There are many good style guides for developing HTML documents.
  6. Respect the privacy of staff, students, members, and officers. Don't include home or work addresses or phone numbers on the Web pages, and only include email addresses with permission. Newsletter contents may need to be edited before being made public on the Web to remove this information.
  7. Every HTML file should include the following information: Title, Name and e-mail address of the page's author and/or the webmaster, Date created or last modified, and Appropriate copyright statement.
  8. Keep a backup copy of all your files, including any unique images.

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