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Session 6 - The Volunteer Development Plan

Building upon the entire Sulam for Current Leaders series of building visionary communities, this session is designed to help lay leaders, clergy and staff recruit, engage, train and inspire new volunteers.

We learn in the Leadership Plan that it is important to dream about (envision) the leadership community you seek to build. The Delegation Plan spells out the roles, responsibilities and expectations for volunteers. It is critical that the board and officers get their house in order (hold each other accountable) so that they are in a position to welcome the talents and gifts of their members. Once the table is appropriately set for new (or re-developed) leaders,  kehillot are then ready to bring in new, motivated and energized leadership with purpose and dedication.

This session explores the four R’s of a Volunteer Development Plan:

  1. Relationship - Understanding a member’s talents, motivations and interests through active listening
  2. Recruitment – Making the right appeal to the right person for the right job
  3. Relevance – Providing training, feedback and guidance
  4. Recognition- Praising what went right with an eye towards the future; thanking people appropriately

Session Goals

  • Identify the interests and strengths of your volunteer base
  • Coordinate volunteers’ interests and strengths with the right volunteer work that inspires them
  • Create a culture of recognition and appreciation that motivates other volunteers to want to take a step forward in their leadership journey

Session Activities

Please contact your Kehilla Relationship Manager or the Kehilla Strengthening and Transformation Department with questions about the SCL program or to access materials. We can be reached at 212-233-7800 x1152 or kehilla@uscj.org.

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