Session 3 - The Delegation Plan

The Delegation Plan is focused on defining who will help fulfill the vision we created in The Leadership Plan. How do we ensure that we are recruiting and training capable leaders? How do we provide clear expectations for them about the work to be done? How do we determine what kinds of decisions should be made by officers, trustees, staff and volunteers?

The Biblical text about Moses and his father-in-law, Yitro, reminds us that the challenges of delegation are not new.   Even Moshe had to be reminded by his father-in-law what could happen if he does not allow others in the community to step -up as leaders and to share some of his work. By reviewing units on the “Roles and Responsibilities of the Board” and discussing “Board Expectations” (what can we expect from ourselves, what we can expect from each other), we are preparing boards for delegation and setting the stage for leadership teamwork and accountability

This session also explores the “Role of the Executive Committee” (Moses’s advisory team) in orchestrating success. It outlines the role of Vice presidents/officers as  leaders who help provide direction and support to key committees. It looks at the roles of the board and staff working collaboratively to develop desired outcomes for the synagogue, and creating the policies and procedures to achieve these results.

Strategic design of board meeting agendas and effective use of the board’s time are also key  to building leadership capacity and to leveraging the talents and gifts of board members.  In this session, we review the case of a leader experimenting with new meeting approaches and explore if they are well managed as well as reviewing and discussing a list of Ten Tips for More Effective Board Meetings


  • Share a text study on the importance of delegation.
  • Provide resources for board to write a set of expectations for board members.
  • Develop a list of “Hope to Expects” for leaders.
  •  Develop a job description for the Executive Committee.
  • Develop a list of “Hope to Improves” for board meetings.
  • Review Ten Tips for More Effective Board Meetings.

Please contact your Kehilla Relationship Manager or the Kehilla Strengthening and Transformation Department with questions about the SCL program or to access materials. We can be reached at 212-233-7800 x1152 or

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