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Session 2 – The Change Management Plan

The Change Management Plan describes the way in which leaders manage change. Managers focus on doing things right. Leaders focus on the doing the right things. Both management and leadership are important. If we don’t manage we might fail to pay the synagogue’s light bill. On the other hand if we fail to focus on the future of the synagogue’s mission the spiritual lights may well depart from our leadership community.

The synagogue world has undergone major change in the last 30 years. In times of change, we need board to shift closer to the leadership pole. In order to address the leadership pole we need an honest assessment of where we are and a compelling vision for the future. If we create a guiding coalition to reflect on these issues they can begin the campaign of change.

  • Understand approaches to change
  • Understand how self-assessment drives a sense of urgency
  • Understand the process of change
  • Review Text Studies: Looks at three example of change.
  • Take a Sulam Assessment for identifying need for change.
    • 21 Characteristics of a Thriving Congregations: use for Strategic Planning.
    • Board Self-Assessment - Look at results from self-assessment
  • Kotter’s “Campaign of Change:” Challenges you to look at the change management process for board change or for a strategic planning step. 
    • Use Campaign of Change Template to map out next steps.
Please contact your Kehilla Relationship Manager or the Kehilla Strengthening and Transformation Department with questions about the SCL program or to access materials. We can be reached at 212-233-7800 x1152 or

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