Session 1 - The Leadership Plan

The Leadership Plan is designed to explore the power of vision in creating a sacred, inspired and effective Leadership Community. Without a leadership vision most boards just continue to “get by” with outdated practices. The volunteer world has changed a great deal in the last twenty-five years and most boards need to take a fresh look at how they manage volunteer time. Are they utilizing the gifts of their leaders? Are they working on the most important issues? Are they creating meaningful leadership experiences for participants?  It is clear that leadership communities face many of the same challenges as the general membership. They struggle to be engaged, to find meaningful experiences and to grow. If leaders want members to grow, they need to be role models through their commitment to growth in their own learning, leading and commitment to Jewish living.   We use the Board Self-Assessment to determine what we are doing well, and what we can be doing even better. Reviewing together the results allows us to reflect and consider what we “hope-to-do” to improve upon our Board practices.

Leaders also need to address the many areas of change that are impacting the Jewish world generally and synagogues in particular. It takes a strategic, leadership-oriented board to address these issues throughout the year or through strategic planning.

P.A.C.T Goals

We introduce in this session a values rich framework for establishing goals. We use the term P.A.C.T Goals for goals that have Purpose (The Why), Action (The What?), Capacity (The Who, How Much and the How Complex?) and Time (Short-mid-or long term goal?). Board work should be inspired by a sense of the sacred. A covenant or “pact” was a sacred commitment in Biblical times. Since Abraham, spiritual leaders have always sought to find out what matters most. A sense of purpose challenges us to consider why we think our work is so important and sacred.    


  • Share a text study on the importance of leadership vision.
  • Conduct a Vision Builder Exercise to create a leadership vision for your board.
  • Utilize the results of the Sulam Board Self-Assessment to identify areas of improvement
  • Utilize the PACT Goals Worksheet to develop some goals to put the vision into action.
Please contact your Kehilla Relationship Manager or the Kehilla Strengthening and Transformation Department with questions about the SCL program or to access materials. We can be reached at 212-233-7800 x1152 or

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