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Welcome to the new weekly "Torah Sparks" direct from the Conservative Yeshiva (CY) in Jerusalem!

Each week, Torah Sparks gives you a taste of the CY in Jerusalem with a wonderful combination of Divrei Torah from CY faculty and alumni, great ideas for Shabbat table conversations and links to the weekly Haftarah commentary and "Daf Shevui" - a chance to learn a page of Talmud every week with a master Talmud teacher.

Hundreds of synagogues are using this publication, which can be printed out and copied. We invite all of our United Synagogue congregations to use this weekly resource:

  1. For distribution at Shabbat services
  2. For open discussion before Torah reading
  3. For discussions at weekly study groups and in adult education classes
  4. For bar and bat mitzvah and confirmation students
  5. For ideas for preparing a d'var Torah for Shabbat

Click here for this week's Torah Sparks or click here for 10 years of archives.

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