Leadership Team

Name Position Phone Number Email 
Wernick, Rabbi Steven CEO 646-519-9300
Lichter, Leslie Chief Innovation and Implementation Officer 646-519-9248
Boiskin, Jonathan Chief Development Officer 646-519-9249


Name Position Phone Number Email 
Bass, Corey  Regional Coordinator, Hagesher and EPA USY 215-635-6611 ext. 155 
Benebgui, Isabel KST Department Administrator 646-519-9212
Bloch, Sasha Regional Youth Director, Seaboard 301-838-7695 ext. 2
Brooks, Meredith  USY Program Associate 212-533-7800 ext. 164
Campbell, Arlene  Accounts Payable Accountant  212-533-7800 ext. 190 
Chacham, Michal  Central Shlicha, Youth  646-519-9237 
Citozi, Vjollca Accountant 212-533-7800 ext. 191
Close, Aimee Transformation Specialist 617-962-0780
Freedman, Rabbi Paul Director, Strategic Israel Partnerships 011-972-2-966-3838
Fried-Tanzer, Abe  Business and Operations Assistant Manager 646-519-9233 
Frim, Edward Director of Learning Enrichment 412-951-5415
Gajadhar, Balchan Senior Director, Finance 646-519-9274
Garr, Yossi Director, Nativ 011-972-2 966-3824
Gold, Margo  International President  646-519-9302 
Goldberg, Howard District KRM, Northeast  518-250-9076
Goldstein, Dr. Ray Team Leader, Kehilla Relations 402-408-6444
Golob, Seth Project Coordinator, Teen Learning 212-533-7800 ext. 162
Gordon, Mindy District KRM, Central 847-714-9130
Grossman, Zoe Admissions & Program Associate, Nativ 646-519-9245
Handelman, Maxine Consultant, Early Childhood 847-641-9963
Hauser, Danielle W. Divisional Director 516-554-7390
Helfand, Ethan  Regional Youth Director, EMTZA  913-461-7021 
Hirsch, Michael Divisional Director, METNY  516-539-3700 ext. 1221
Honig, Jacki Interim regional Youth Director, CRUSY 248-915-1024
Jacobs, Maury Regional Youth Director, SWUSY  214-450-6666
Juda, Joyce Regional Youth Director, NERUSY/Hanefesh 617-964-8210
Kamens, Laurie  Marketing Communications Manager 646-519-9291 
Kay, Jason Regional Youth Coordinator, NERUSY/Hanefesh 609-651-0891
Kerbel, Abby  Assistant Youth Director, Seaboard  301-230-0801 
Kerbel, Melissa  Director of Development 646-519-9260 
Keren, David Director, USY Programs in Israel 011-972-2-966-3823
Klein, Darren USY Program Coordinator, Pacific Southwest 818-986-0907
Kochavi, Nadine Transformation Specialist 646-519-9321
Koren, Yaara Schlicha, Far West 818-986-0907 ext. 235
Kovachev, Roumiana  Accounts Receivable  646-519-9261 
Kunoff, Marty Senior Director, IT 646-519-9280
Leventhal, Robert Kehilla Leadership Specialist 646-519-9370
Lewis, Vivian Senior Director, Human Resources 646-519-9200
Lobel Shafran, Deborah  Nativ Admissions Coordinator  646-519-9246 
McMahon, Rose Accountant 212-533-7800 ext. 192
Mael, Barry Senior Director, Kehilla Affiliation & Operations 646-519-9330
Marder, Julie Youth Director, CHUSY 847.714.9130
Martinez, Jonathan Human Resources/Employee Engagement Coordinator 646-519-9208
Miller, Sarah  Regional Youth Director, New Frontier  408-892-2732 
Nason, Naomi  Program Coordinator, USY Summer Programs  646-519-9231 
Nichol, Stephanie Regional Youth Director, Hanegev 561-372-0420
Novick, Daniel S. Rabbinic Intern 646-519-9211
Pinck, Alissa Senior Director, Marketing & Communications 646.519.9350
Rabin, Rabbi Joshua  Director, Kehilla Enrichment  646-519-9290 
Reiter, Bari Communications Associate 646-519-9223
Resnick, Steven Assistant Youth Director, NERUSY/Hanefesh 617-964-8210
Rich, Michelle Director, Teen Travel and Programs, Teen Learning 646-519-9232
Robles, Janet  Data Manager 646-519-9373 
Rosenthal, Rabbi Cara Weinstein  Family Engagement Specialist 212-533-7800 ext. 1160
Rothstein, Danit Fieldworker, Pinwheel Region 206-953-2545  
Rubinstein, Kenneth Business & Operations Manager 646-519-9216
Shapiro, Zhanna Bookkeeper, PSWR 818-986-0907 
Shwarzstein, Alexandra Assistant Director of Annual Giving   646-519-9322
Siegal, Rachel Field Worker, CHUSY 847-714-9130 
Silberstein, Matan Director of Alumni Affairs 215-495-5643
Silverstein, Joshua Executive Assistant to the CEO 212-533-7800 ext. 137
Sisk, Rachel District KRM, Pacific Southwest & Northern Pacific 818-616-7425
Stofman, Jennifer  District KRM, Mid-Atlantic 856-649-4515 
Strinkovsky, David  Divisional Director 845- 282-4455
Sussman, Linda District KRM, METNY 516-625-6901
Tilles, Aviva USY Systems Manager 253-237-3809
Tucker-Zemlak, Jo-Anne District KRM, Southeast Seaboard 240-988-1545
Vigil, Diana Administrative Assistant, PSWR 818-986-0907
Weinberg, Sydney Assistant Director, METNY 212-533-7800 ext. 170
White, Angela Operations 646-519-9201
Wyner, Susan Director, Learning Enrichment 440-683-1119

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