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Our Staff

Name Position Phone number Email 
Altman, Kenneth  Executive Assistant to the CEO  646-519-9301  altman@uscj.org 
Alpert, Merrill Youth Director, Far West 818-986-0907 alpert@uscj.org
Applbaum, Naama  Director, Neshama Program, Fuchsberg Center     
Bass, Corey  Regional Coordinator, Hagesher and EPA USY   bass@uscj.org 
Berkowitz, Dorrie Director, Book and Media Center 646-519-9223 berkowitz@uscj.org
Binder, Nahum Director of Outreach, Fuchsberg Center 972-2-966-3825 binder@uscj.org
Blustein, Renee Administrative Assistant, Central District 847-714-9130 blustein@uscj.org
Bochnek, Arlyne Youth Director, CRUSY 216-387-2587 bochnek@uscj.org
Boiskin, Jonathan  Chief Development Officer  646-519-9249  boiskin@uscj.org
Chacham, Michal  Central Shlicha, Youth  646-519-9237  chacham@uscj.org 
Close, Aimee Transformation Specialist


Clurman, Robert Book and Media Center 646-519-9222 booksvc@uscj.org
Diamond, Rabbi Gail Associate Director, Conservative Yeshiva 972-2-966-3837 yeshiva@uscj.org
Dorsch, Amy Education Coordinator, Teen Learning 646-519-9333 dorsch@uscj.org
Drazen, Gila Communications Associate 646-519-9275 gdrazen@uscj.org
Drazen, Rabbi Paul Director, Special Projects 646-519-9310
Elias, Kathy Chief Kehilla Officer 646-519-9210 elias@uscj.org
Epstein, Rabbi Jerome CEO/EVP Emeritus
Freedman, Rabbi Paul Director, Strategic Israel Partnerships 972-2-966-3838 freedman@uscj.org
Fried-Tanzer, Abe  Projects Coordinator, Teen Learning  646-519-9233  fried-tanzer@uscj.org 
Gajadhar, Balchan Controller of Financial Analysis, Budget, Payroll and Accounting 646-519-9274 gajadhar@uscj.org
Gapski, Mark  Chief Financial Officer  646-519-9271  gapski@uscj.org 
Garr, Yossi Director, Nativ 972-2 966-3824 garr@uscj.org
Gingold, Faye Director, Resource Development 646-519-9258 gingold@uscj.org
Ginsberg, Ron Assistant Director, IT 646-519-9281 ginsberg@uscj.org
Glick, Andrea Director, Online Communications, Media, and Marketing   646-519-9350 aglick@uscj.org
Glick, Wendy Director, Annual Giving 646-519-9260 glick@uscj.org
Goldberg, Howard District KRM, Northeast  518-250-9076 goldberg@uscj.org
Goldmeer, Sandra Youth Director, Tzafon goldmeer@uscj.org
Goldstein, Dr. Ray Team Leader, Kehilla Relations 402-408-6444 goldstein@uscj.org
Golob, Seth  Assistant Youth Director, NERUSY  617-964-8210  seth@nerusy.org 
Gordon, Mindy District KRM, Central 847-714-9130 mgordon@uscj.org
Gross, Eileen  Staff Accountant/Financial Analyst  646-519-9270  egross@uscj.org 
Gross, Misha  Nativ Admissions Coordinator  646-519-9246  nativ@uscj.org
Grossman, Shelly  Administrative Assistant 646-519-9332  grossman@uscj.org
Gutin, Jules Senior Education Advisor 646-519-9333 gutin@uscj.org
Handelman, Maxine Consultant, Early Childhood 847-641-9963 handelman@uscj.org
Harris, Laurence  KRM, Pacific Southwest Region  626-639-3107  lharris@uscj.org 
Herman, Jerry Chief Operating Officer 646-519-9304 herman@uscj.org
Jacobsen, Yitzchak Associate Director, Fuchsberg Center 972-2-966-3821 yitz@netvision.net.il
Jacobs, Maury Youth Director, SWUSY 214-450-6666 Jacobs@uscj.org
Juda, Joyce Youth Director, NERUSY, Hanefesh 617-964-8210 juda@uscj.org
Kamens, Laurie  Senior Writer and Social Media Manager  646-519-9291  kamens@uscj.org 
Kaplan, Shira Youth Director, Seaboard 301-230-0801 kaplan@uscj.org
Keren, David Director, USY Programs in Israel 972-2-966-3823 dnkeren@netvision.net.il
Kieffer, Mitch  USY Project Coordinator, Far West  818-986-0907  pacsw@uscj.org 
Klein, Darren USY Program Coordinator, Pacific Southwest 818-986-0907 dknragzbt@aol.com
Kochavi, Nadine Transformation Specialist 646-519-9321 kochavi@uscj.org
Kofinas, Adam Meetings & Facilities 646-519-9239 kofinas@uscj.org
Kovachev, Roumiana  Accounts Receivable  646-519-9261  ar@uscj.org 
Krule, Lisa Alter Director, Regional Engagement, Teen Learning; USY International Convention Director 847-714-9130 krule@uscj.org
Kunoff, Marty Director, IT 646-519-9280 kunoff@uscj.org
Leventhal, Robert Kehilla Leadership Specialist 646-519-9370 leventhal@uscj.org
Levy, Rabbi David Director, Teen Learning  646-519-9230  levy@uscj.org 
Levy, Rabbi Joel  Director, Conservative Yeshiva  011-972-2-622-3116   levycohn@netvision.net.il 
Lewis, Vivian Director, Human Resources 646-519-9208 vlewis@uscj.org
Mael, Barry Director, Kehilla Operations and Finance 646-519-9330 mael@uscj.org
Marder, Julie Youth Director, CHUSY 847.714.9130 marder@uscj.org
Mark, Dassy Youth Director, Hagalil 732-738-4301 mark@uscj.org
Marmer, Max Youth Director, ECRUSY  416-667-1717  marmer@uscj.org 
McMahon, Rose Finance, Dues/Accounts Payable 646-519-9273 mcmahon@uscj.org
Miller, Karen  Office Manager, Fuchsberg Center  972-2-966-3831  ccj@netvision.net.il
Miller, Sarah  Youth Director, New Frontier  408-892-2732  miller@uscj.org 
Moore, Denise  Finance, Accounts Payable  646-519-9202  moore@uscj.org 
Morshenson, Karen Youth 646-519-9241 morshenson@uscj.org
Novak-Tomer, Lianne  Regional Shlicha, Pacific Southwest  818-986-0907  tomer@uscj.org 
Nichol, Stephanie Youth Director, Hanegev 561-372-0420 nichol@uscj.org
Rabin, Rabbi Joshua  Director, Kehilla Enrichment  646-519-9290  rabin@uscj.org 
Rich, Michelle Director, Teen Travel and Programs, Teen Learning 646-519-9232 rich@uscj.org
Robertson, Roxanne Youth 646-519-9243 robertson@uscj.org
Robles, Janet  Development Assistant  646-519-9373  robles@uscj.org 
Romm, Rabbi Edward Director of Ed. & Campus Programs, Fuchsberg Center 972-2-966-3822 romm@uscj.org
Rosenthal, Rabbi Cara Weinstein  Family Engagement Specialist
Roth, Rabbi Joel Rosh Yeshiva, Conservative Yeshiva 212-678-8853 joroth@jtsa.edu
Royt, Ilya Mailroom 646-519-9205 royt@uscj.org
Sason, Judy  HR Coordinator  646-519-9208  sason@uscj.org 
Schapira, Morey KRM, Northern Pacific Region 408-824-0344 schapira@uscj.org
Schindler, Rabbi Pesach Rosh Yeshiva, Conservative Yeshiva 972-2-966-3835 pete1shul@012.net.il
Schwartz, Amy  Coordinator, PJ Library  215-498-3381  schwartz@uscj.org 
Sebold, Gary Finance Director 646-519-9272 sebold@uscj.org
Shugerman, Rabbi Andrew  Director, Major Gifts  646-519-9320  shugerman@uscj.org 
Siegal, Rachel Field Worker, CHUSY 847-714-9130 siegal@uscj.org
Skog, Jamie  Youth Director, EMTZA  402-681-2159 skog@uscj.org 
Skolnik, Richard International President 646-519-9302 skolnik@uscj.org
Squires, Maxine  Administrative Assistant, KST Department  212-533-0800  squires@uscj.org 
Stofman, Jennifer  District KRM, Mid-Atlantic 856-649-4515  stofman@uscj.org 
Strausberg, Renee  Youth Director, Hagesher and EPA  215-870-7902  strausberg@uscj.org 
Suazo, Elizabeth  Executive Assistant to the C.O.O.  646-519-9262  suazo@uscj.org 
Sucher, Judith Youth 646-519-9238 sucher@uscj.org
Sussman, Linda District KRM, METNY 516-625-6901 sussman@uscj.org
Sykes, Rabbi Loren CEO, Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center  972-2-966-3820 sykes@uscj.org 
Tilles, Aviva Youth Director, Pinwheel 253-237-3809 tilles@uscj.org
Tucker-Zemlak, Jo-Anne District KRM, Southeast Seaboard 240-988-1545
Varon, Benjamin Youth Director, METNY 646-519-9231 varon@uscj.org
Webster, Yehuda  Assistant, METNY USY  646-519-9384  webster@uscj.org 
Weiner, Jay Transformation Specialist; Alim Coordinator 646-662-9275 weiner@uscj.org
Wernick, Rabbi Steven CEO 646-519-9300 wernick@uscj.org
White, Angela Operations 646-519-9201 operations@uscj.org
Wyner, Susan Director, Learning Enrichment 440-683-1119 wyner@uscj.org

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